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Yam Sencha

 Premium Yam sencha biologique

Categories: High grade of Japanese organic tea  
Country: Japan , Yam region
Description: Yam sencha is from the region of Yame in Fukuoka Prefecture. Yam Organic Sencha is thin fine needle. Excellency the complex and balanced flavor. Especially this tea is certified organic by JONA. JONA recentllly has applied internationally. 


Retail Price
50g (1.76oz) C$13.00
100g (3.52oz) C$22.00
500g (17.6oz) C$90.00
Our Price, 10% -35% Off

  Temperature: 70-75 C
  Times      : 3-5 minutes.       
  Quantities                : 4, 5g   for cup 
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