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    Jardin du thé is online tea store and wholesale tea store which is specialized in high quality of teas and tea accessories, japanese potteries, iwachu cast iron teapot. Our objective is to provide to our customers large variety of Tea, such as chinese Green Tea, japanese green tea,Yellow Tea, Black Tea, high quality of pu-erh tea and especially taiwanese Oolong Tea, Tisane, Flavor tea,sencha, Gyokuro also traditional purple clay (Yixing) teapot, which is made by a famous artist, Glasses teapot, Cast Iron Teapot , porcelain Teasets( made in japan, china) and also bring up a new dimension of tea passion by tasting, by the demonstration how to prepare a excellence tea.

   Also, we cover huge variety of Japanese high quality of potteries, such as Japanese hand craft plat, hand craft sake set, tea cup set, tea set, beautiful production line such as "arita yaki", "tokoname yaki",  teapot. Etc…

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New Arrival __________________________________________     
15 Nov 08
  • Japanese Green Tea, Hon Gyokuro .
  • Japanese Green Tea, Premium Mie Sencha organic , New arrival
24 Sept 08
  • white Tea  , Bai Hao Yin Zhen
  • Yellow Tea, Junshan Yin Zhen
  • Red tea     , Red Pilouchung rouge
June 2008

May 2008
It is spring tea season. come to visit our spring tea, other spring tea will be available soon...
  • Green Tea, Pre-ming, Pilouchung.
  • Oolong Tea, Ali Shan Jinxuan
  • Green Tea - Dragon Pearl,
  • Jasmine pearl
  • White Tea- silver Needle ( Bai Hao Yin Zhen )
  • Oolong Tea- Ginseng oolong.
  • Japanese green Tea - Hon Gyokuro
  • Japanese green tea - Tenryu Sencha
feb 2008 
  • Japanese Green Tea, Hon Gyokuro are available now, Quantity limited.
feb 2008
Jan 2008
  • Red Tea, Keemun Downy buds
  • Oolong Tea, Tiquanyin premium ( tiquanying wang )
  • Iwachu Japanese Cast Iron Teapot -20%
23 Dec 2007 High Mountain Organic. High quality of taiwanese oolong
12 Dec 2007, Pu-erh , Pu-erh Cake
01 Dec 2007,  Made In Japan, Cast Iron Teapot, tea accessories, etc.....
21 nov 2007,  Sencha TenryuSencha TenkaiHon-gyokuro  Hurry up for New spring japanese green tea.


New Arrival 07-08

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